Why You Should Hire a Professional Dog Groomer

Salt Lake City is an outdoors kind of city. It would be no surprise if you and your dog went out often, but you’d want your dog to look good to other people and dogs you happen to pass. How would you know how to make your dog look good without struggling with them? This is why you should hire a dog groomer. There are many benefits to get groomers like us, including:

  • proper grooming

  • finding possible beginnings of an illness before you do

  • cutting nails without hassle

  • discovering parasites

  • use of the right supplies

  • professional hair cuts

  • soothing massage

Grooming Done Right

We know that grooming isn’t as simple as snipping some fur here and there. There’s a method for each type of dog. Owners who try to groom their dogs themselves could risk hurting their dog’s skin. In addition, a professional dog groomer inspects your dog’s paws for cuts, thorns, and the like. If any are found, then we apply antiseptic to help heal those paws. We’ll also apply the right skin products for dogs who have skin conditions. In addition, we give your dog a high quality dog wash that leaves them nice and clean.

Assisting in Illness Prevention

Many potential illnesses in dogs begin with skin problems. With all that fur, however, it could be hard to tell at a glance. A professional dog groomer has a chance to get close enough to your dog to see any issues on the skin. This can include lumps, irritation, bald patches, skin discoloration, and gum bleeding, just to name a few.

The Dreaded Nail-Cutting Procedure

Cat owners aren’t the only ones who struggle to cut their pet’s nails. Dogs can be just as fussy because claw-cutting can hurt if done wrong. There are sensitive parts in the nails that you absolutely cannot cut. A professional dog groomer knows exactly how and where to cut the claws. Your dog will love them so much that they’ll practically be begging you to bring back the professional everytime you lift those nail clippers.

Hidden Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and all sorts of little freeloading pests can suck the life out of your dog without ever being seen. When you hire a dog groomer, they know to look for these annoying little bugs. Our professionals are well-trained and, therefore, will be able to instantly tell if there is anything crawling in the fur, on the skin, or even around the ears.

Different Tools for Different Fur Types

Have you been to a salon or saw a movie with a salon in it and noticed all the different brushes, combs, and other hair tools used by the employees? This is because humans have different hair types, and the same applies to dogs. Know that when you hire a dog groomer, they will have the right tools for your particular dog. The proper grooming instruments increase the comfort your dog will feel during the method.

Professional Hair Cuts

Does your dog need a haircut? You may not know, but our groomers would. We would know the right length with which to cut your dogs hair or whether or not a haircut is necessary. When we give your dog a haircut, they will leave us in style. Fur cuts don’t only need to be healthy; we always make sure our clients are looking their best.

Dog Groomers Doubling as Massuesses

Though massaging your dog isn’t the main goal, we are so gentle with your dog that they are practically getting massages. These massages are free, so don’t worry about that appearing on your bill. Attempting to groom at home could make your dog feel uncomfortable and scared. We know exactly how to handle your darling companion while we groom them. Check out a couple dog groomer reviews online and find a groomer that will do a great job for your dog! Once you’ve hired them, you will begin to enjoy all these benefits and more. Perhaps the most valuable thing you get from hiring a groomer is time. Hiring a dog groomer is a time-saver! You could spend hours struggling with your dog just to clip their nails or give them a haircut. In the process, you may end up hurting them by accident. Our professionals could get the grooming done quick while also making sure your dog is happy and healthy. After visiting us, you and your dog will have time to spend at your local park.