Owner - Erin

I looked for weeks for a daycare and this is the ONLY place you'll find where the staff isn't sitting on their cell phones. They love the dogs and interact with them all day!! It's amazing.

Owner - Wendy

Your staff takes such good care of Emmitt and keeps a close eye on him. Because they know him so well and are well trained in monitoring his blood sugar, I actually feel more secure about having Emmitt at DogMode than at the vet hospital. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff.

Owner - Emma

Dogmode has been great! They knew my dogs name after the first day of him being there. The staff was patient with my puppy being super excited at first. I like that they screen the dogs too. My chocolate lab puppy LOVES going there. He plays all day and falls asleep on the way home.

Owner - Alexa

I'm so happy I found this place for our Dalmatian Daisy! She has so much fun here! The staff is incredibly friendly, and the facility is amazing. I feel so comfortable dropping her off at dog mode. I know she will be well taken care of. If you are looking for a safe,fun, welcoming place for boarding or daycare, DogMode is the place! 5 out of 5 stars for sure!

Owner - Meghan

We love DogMode! We left our boy, Mr. Brown, with a "sitter" once--he escaped her yard and ran all the way home (our neighbor found him wandering the street in front of our house). Ever since then we have left him with DogMode. I think he gets a little overwhelmed with all the pups as he is a bit of a shy boy, but I know he loves the techs who give him lots of love and I love knowing that he is safe and stimulated all day long. The people at DogMode have been doing this a long time and they know how to keep dogs clean, safe and entertained. They also give awesome dog baths! We will definitely bring Mr. Brown back

Owner - Kaylea

I LOVE DogMode! The facility is very clean and the staff is amazing. Every staff member I have come in to contact with knows Oliver by name and usually has a fun and unique story to share. As soon as Oliver realizes we are on our way to daycare, he can't get there fast enough! I can't wait for the new and exciting things coming to DogMode in the near future. THANK YOU for all that you do to make us feel welcome.

Owner - Valerie

I have been hearing about this place for ages and am so glad I finally took two of my dogs for grooming yesterday. One of my doggies is very shy and timid. When I picked her up, she was all over her groomer Amanda, which told me Molly was treated with lots of gentle and loving care. The facility is impressive and immaculately clean. It has big play areas, pool and offers self wash if you want to rent a stall and wash your dog yourself, all supplies provided. I really, really like the cameras everywhere so you can watch all the rooms or check on your doggie online.

Owner - Roni

Not only do I love to take my dog there...he LOVES to be there. He gets really excited when we get close and I can hardly contain him enough to get him safely in the door. He goes once a week to socialize with the big dogs. I love it because the staff always knows him and remembers his name. The building is so well cared for. You would never guess there are many dogs there as it is so clean and smells so good. We have kept Jax there overnight several times and always feel like he is well taken care of. And to be able to check in on him with the cameras that they always have going makes me happy. I get to see him playing with the other dogs AND I get to see that he is well taken care of and loved by the humans while he is there as well. I cannot recommend this place enough and would give it 10 stars if I could.

Owner - Michelle

Not only do I love draining my dog's energy at DogMode, but the facility itself is the nicest, cleanest and most beautiful facility that I've been to...and HUGE. Very classy. DogMode considers themselves a fishbowl. They hide nothing from customers, from viewing windows in the building's lobby and back room to the live WebCams on their website. I never feel too far away from my dogs when they get left there. I can always spy on them to see them having a blast without me. Plus the staff are DOG people. I know my kids get spoiled rotten there. Plus, my dogs come home pooped. As a dog owner, that in and of itself is priceless. I would recommend with pride to ANYONE.

From the business

We are a local dog crazy family.  We have loved and owned dogs our entire lives.  DogMode has been a dream come true for our family since its inception in 1999.  Our mission continues to be to provide a beautiful, safe, clean and healthy environment where our guests have enough room to exercise and have fun running, barking and playing with other dogs to their hearts content while being cared for by our dog loving staff.

Today was an experience for all of us. First time at a doggie daycare. Dog Mode is wonderful. We had an assessment first to make sure they would be able to handle the amount of other dogs. They did great, so I was able to leave them for most of the day, as a (free) trial run. What was really cool is that I could watch them on a webcam. Mine are the two right by the blue bed. They had a great bathing set up so I gave them both a bath before we came home. I'm glad they did so good, because I will be needing to go out of town soon and they will be spending a few nights there. DOG MODE is a great place. Thanks all of you that watched my two boys.