Most Asked Questions

What do we need to bring for boarding?

Your dog's leash, food, and any medications. Please leave all personal bedding, bones and toys at home.

Can I drop my dog off for daycare or pick it up from overnight boarding on a Sunday?

Yes! DogMode is open 7 days per week, 365 days per year, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Can my dog move around from the outside to the inside area of DogMode at will?

Yes! Our outdoor yards are available all day long for all of our canine guests to utilize for nurture or nature as they so choose. There’s plenty of room for all the dogs to travel in and out of our spaces freely. Our outdoor areas are not only sanitary but are extra secure with solid concrete walls that go deep into the ground and are over 6 feet high.

Can we bring our pet’s food for overnight stays?

Yes, Please do! It is important to keep your dog on his or her diet while boarding. Being away from home can be stressful and switching up their food can cause upset stomachs. We have refrigerators available for food that needs to stay cold. House food is also available for a fee if your dog runs out during your stay or if you prefer not to bring your own.

Do employees stay through-out the night?

We have multiple state-of-the-art cameras and security systems that keep our whole facility completely under control throughout the night, with multiple employees that living within a 5 mile radius in case of emergency. We found it a better environment to not have any employees on the premises during the night so that the dogs can sleep sound at night with zero disruptions.