Supervised DayCare

Our day care provides your dog with access to indoor and outdoor play areas to socialize safely under the supervision of our trained staff. In addition to our two large dog areas, we also offer small and senior dog areas to accommodate any size or age dog.

Every dog in our facility is required to have current vaccinations and must pass our behavioral assessment, ensuring the safety of your dog as they play. Upon pick up, our yard managers will provide a detailed report for your dog and communicate any positive or concerning behaviors to ensure they have a fun experience every time. We are happy to accommodate special requests, including meals or administering medications.


Indoor/Outdoor Play

Each day care area has a large, temperature controlled indoor space connected to a large outdoor yard with a sanitary K9 grass surface. Your dog has access to both areas all day long and our 7-foot high concrete walls are built on a 3-foot deep foundation, keeping the most skilled escape artists within our facility. 

Your dog will have access to clean drinking water all day, large toys to play on and comfortable cots to relax on. Our staff works hard to keep the play areas sanitary and odor-free to help reduce the spread of bacteria.


Live Webcams

Keep an eye on your dog as they play by accessing our live webcams online anytime! Our facility has twelve webcams, giving you access to all indoor and outdoor play areas to track your dog's activity throughout the day and provide peace of mind.


Valet Service

We offer a convenient and FREE Valet service Monday-Friday, 7am to 9 am! You can stay in your car and our staff will greet and escort your dog inside to save you time in the morning!


Small Dogs

We offer a separate space for our small dogs, 30lbs and under, where they have their own secure indoor/outdoor play and sleeping areas. This section has comfy couches, chairs and small dog cots so it feels more like home.


Senior Dogs

Our Senior Dog area provides a slower and quieter environment for dogs who are older or who may need some extra attention. This area has comfy couches, soft blankets, cots and a T.V. to help them relax. A generously sized outdoor space is also available so they can get fresh air or relieve themselves on our k9 grass.

My pups have gone to many daycare facilities, so I know when I've found a top notch place and Dogmode is one of those places. The staff are very friendly and very responsible with my pups. They are well trained and know how to handle dogs of all breeds. The facility is clean and well-kept and the prices are affordable. I wouldn't bring my pups there if it wasn't an excellent facility.