Dog Boarding Salt Lake : What Makes a Great Dog Boarding Facility

Are you planning to go out of town on business? Perhaps you have a vacation scheduled for the end of the month. Regardless of the circumstances, when you go away you’d like to find a first-rate dog boarding facility where your dog will be comfortable until you return home. When researching dog boarding facilities there are certain features to look for to ensure you’re leaving your dog in capable hands while you’re away.

A Team of Caring, Trained Staff Members

Look for a dog hotel with experienced staff members dedicated to the welfare of each dog in their care. The staff members should receive a thorough program of training on how to handle any breed of dog in the proper way. They should also know what to do to encourage dogs to play and interact with one another.

Clean, Neat Facilities

When visiting a dog boarding place take a close look at the cleanliness of the area. Is the floor swept and clean? Is there a lingering odor in the facility? Are dog toys and supplies kept in an organized way? The cleanliness and organization in a dog hotel can be a reflection on the way dogs are treated there.

EVERYDAY at DogMode we make sure EVERY INCH of our facility is as clean as can be to keep all our furry guests safe and happy!!!


Quality Dog Food

When you leave your dog at a facility, you want to know it’s being fed quality food each day. Ask the owners or managers of the facilities you visit about the food they feed their boarders. Also, a professional dog boarding facility will take note of your requests regarding food, exercise, vitamins, etc.

Dog Grooming Services

A facility with an excellent reputation for service offers extras to dog owners. One of those services is dog grooming done by professionals. If you’re looking for a good dog boarding facility, then be sure to also look for a great dog groom facility in Salt Lake.You can have your dog’s coat shampooed and trimmed as well as its nails tended to while you are away. So, when you get back into town, you can pick a clean, groomed dog who’s happy to see you!

An Outdoor Area for Exercise

A quality dog boarding business has a large exercise area for the dogs. They know that social interaction and regular exercise play a part in a dog’s overall health. So, look for an area either inside or outside or both where dogs can run, jump and chase each other for a long period each day. Also, take note of the safety precautions in place that keep the dogs from escaping the exercise area.

A Healthy Environment

The owners of a reliable dog boarding place make sure the dogs who stay with them have the proper vaccinations. This prevents dogs from transmitting illnesses to one another. There should be a protocol in place to check for the proper vaccinations before a dog is welcomed into the facility.

Webcam Availability

Maybe you’d like to peek in on your dog while you are away on business or pleasure. Some places that board dogs allow dog owners to watch their pets via webcam. If you want to know how your dog is doing, a quick look at the webcam of the dog boarding place can give you peace of mind. This is a must-have feature for many of today’s dog owners. So, try to find a dog boarding facility that has webcams.

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