Dog Grooming Salt Lake City: What To Look for in a Good Dog Groomer

If you live in Salt Lake City, you have many options when it comes to selecting a dog groomer. But keep in mind that selecting a good dog groomer is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your pet. You want to find someone who is not only competent but who will treat your beloved dog as lovingly as you would. Here are some things you should look for in a good dog groomer:

They Have a Good Reputation

Just like you would not let just anyone take care of child, you should do likewise for your dog. Ask your friends and local family members where they take their dogs to be groomed. Also, ask your vet for a reference. Finally, check out online reviews for dog stylists in your area. But give this less credence than other more personal sources of references.

You Can Abide Their Rules and Regulations

Every dog groomer has their own set of rules and regulations. Some groomers require proof of immunizations, while some may not accept dogs with certain conditions or ailments. Other groomers require you to be off the premises while they perform their services. Before selecting a groomer, find out exactly what the rules and regulations are, and make sure that they are acceptable to you.

They Have a Clean and Efficient Workspace

Before selecting a dog stylist, you should first visit the premises. Make sure that the place is clean and well cared for, and that the people there seem organized. Watch how the employees interact with each other and how they interact with animals. Try to discern whether the working atmosphere there is a pleasant one. If you have even the slightest hesitation about leaving your dog there, find another place.

They Are Good Communicators

If you are happy with a groomer’s workspace, the next step is to ask them questions. Ask them any questions you can think of about how they will handle your dog. Are they gentle? Patient? What products will they be using on your dogs? The groomer should also ask you questions, such as how social your dog is and whether she or he is sensitive about being touched in certain areas. After asking and answering all these questions, you should develop a significant comfort level with the groomer. If not, find someplace else.

They Offer the Services You Want

Not all groomers offer the same set of services. While most offer bathing as well as nail and hair cutting, some offer more fancy options that really pamper your dog. If you have something specific in mind, call up and ask. Also, make sure that they offer these dog grooming services during hours that are convenient for you and your pet. 

Finally, once you have selected a dog groomer, your pet can be a good judge of whether you have selected a good one. Many dogs actually enjoy going to the groomer. Some even get excited about it, especially when they have a regular groomer that they really like. So, if your dog is not so excited about visiting your groomer, perhaps it is time to look for a new one.

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