Welcome to DogMode's non-traditional style of boarding! 

Boarding Guests

All boarding guests enjoy the large, open environment and access to indoor and outdoor areas to play for up to ten hours each day. Many dogs look forward to bedtime after a day full of social and physical activity, helping them relax and fall asleep with ease. Read More ▾

Each dog has their own unique behavior and needs, which is why we recommend giving breaks when our highly trained staff recognize a dog needing to rest from over exerting themselves or becoming too tired. If we notice any abnormal behavior from your dog, we will give you a call and always work with you to provide the best care possible during their stay. The social environment of DogMode helps keep your dog occupied while you're away under the supervision of our trained staff to ensure that they are returned happy and healthy! 

Sleeping Quarters

After a full day of exercise and socialization, each dog is assigned to his or her own kennel with their own elevated bed or blanket. Our kennels feature a patented drain system that makes daily cleaning efficient and effective for maintaining a sanitary and odor-free environment. Read More ▾

Each kennel has solid walls to provide their own private space. We also have expandable kennels for families with multiple dogs, allowing for plenty of space for them to rest comfortably.

Meals and Medications

Meals are served twice a day, starting with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and dinner at 4:00 p.m. plus lunch served at noon upon your request. Each dog receiving a meal is kenneled and given an hour break to rest and fully digest their food before returning to play.  Read More ▾

Our staff will sit with any dogs who are hesitant to eat and we offer warm water, chicken broth, diluted peanut butter and pumpkin to encourage them if needed. We recommend bringing enough food for your dog's stay plus extra in case you're unable to return on your planned date. It's best to provide food in pre-measured bags or in a container that will fit in our 16 x 24 in. cabinets.

Medications are administered after breakfast in the morning and again at 7:00 p.m. We train our staff to administer medications with care to ensure that no dog misses their dosage. We're happy to accommodate any special dietary or medical requests for your dog to keep them healthy and give you peace of mind while you're away. 


To ensure the cleanest facility possible, our indoor floors are treated twice a day by our professional floor scrubbing machine. No stain or bacteria can withstand the 79 pounds of scrubbing pressure, resulting in clean floors every time.  Read More ▾

We supply a cot or blankets for your dog at night, which are washed daily to prevent the spread of bacteria. We do not accept any outside bedding or fabric toys as a way to keep our environment exceptionally clean. Each morning, we rinse, sanitize and squeegee every kennel in addition to degreasing and scrubbing them on a weekly basis. We also remove and sanitize every water bowl and food tray after each use to provide every dog with a clean and comfortable space to sleep at night.

Dog Mode overnight boarding and DIY dog wash are the services we have used here. We told them how our dog has a touch of arthritis and they said they would give him a couple of breaks throughout the day putting him in his kennel or giving him a blanket and letting him rest in a corner. They really care about our little guy.